Church App

Most churches design their church app like it is simply an extension of their website. That is, it is really just a glorified website – with a lot of money spent in the process.

Initiate’s Church App is accordingly designed to be an internal We spent a lot of time interviewing pastors and researching the market to ensure we provided something different.

What we came out with was that the pastor wanted a way of communicating with his church members, as well as different departments having the ability to communicate as well. So our app is internal, allowing groups like the music department to talk about content pertinent to them, while the kids church team are likewise discussing their area, and so on.

And as experienced developers ourselves, we knew that a church’s website is their external marketing, promoting the values of the church to the outside world, and at the same time the app then becomes internal. After all, only church members will ever download a church app.

And the best feature about the Initiate Church App is the price. We have underwritten the development at our end, meaning that you only pay a small monthly fee.

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